• Won the tender of China Unicom 5G access optical transmission equipment project; And won the tender of Japan SoftBank 5G clock; Granted by the Shanghai
    Stock Exchange Listing Committee on May 14; Officially listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Market on July 22.

  • Won the tender of Tiantong-1 core network project; Successfully deployed command and dispatch system in the China 70th Anniversary parade project; In N
    ovember, I submitted the application for listing on the Science innovation Board to The Shanghai Stock Exchange and it was accepted.

  • Phase-3 of BSNL access network project was successfully delivered, and the City Zhuanghe Smart City Operation Command Center project was contracted.

  • The signalling network SSTP and IMS core network project of BSNL which was build by Genew have been delivered successfully.

  • Genew undertook the construction of the nationwide signal network, IMS core network and 5 million-line access network for an Indian operator.

  • Genew completed a share restructuring and was renamed Genew Technologies Co., Ltd., served for Japan Softbank by undertaking the upgrading and transfer
    of the access network of SBB.

  • Genew achieved breakthroughs in oversea market by undertaking the construction of voice access and broadband access in eight states of Indian operator a
    nd the construction of the geographic disaster recovery project of the NGN core network of PLDT,which is a Philippine operator.

  • Genew took over the NGN-series product line of NASDAQ-listed UTStarcom, including its R&D team, intellectual property rights and brand.

  • Genew launched NC5200D/E with an optical transmission and exchange integrated product, providing a new-generation of optical multi-service integrated ac
    cess solutions.

  • Genew launched the TD-SCDMAb-based small core network NC5200-MSC to provide private networks with 3G access solutions.

  • Genew launched the Spam SMS interception gateway SPM, which played a significant social role by operating stably on the top end of the Signalling Networ
    k No.7. "The V5 Trunk Gateway Applied in Replacing Copper Access with Optical Access" received funding from the Special Funds for Industry Development in Shenzhen.

  • Genew was named National High-tech Enterprise, and the Dispatch Command System with Integrated Wireless Access and VoIP Capabilities was subsidized by t
    he Scientific and Technological R&D Fund of Nanshan District, Shenzhen.

  • Genew launched the soft-switch NC5200, its outstanding performance and reliable design close cooperation with several telecommunications giants includin
    g NASDAQ-listed UTStarcom, Datang Telecom, DT Mobile, and ZTEICT.

  • Genew launched the mobile soft-switch NC8000, which with a unique design. It simulated the Personal Handphone System from the public network to the priv
    ate underground coal mine network, representing world number one in this area.

  • Officially renamed Shenzhen Genew Technologies Co., Ltd. and started to engage in independent telecommunications research and development.

  • Shenzhen Shuangxin Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded.