Security system

GENEW Provides Superlative Surveillance

The GENEW cameras feature a wealth of innovative technologies to combat low-light, bright-light, and extreme weather conditions, while still providing superlative image quality. The cameras also include capabilities such as object tracking, line crossing, intrusion detection, and motion detection, with the ability to trigger alerts and make security staff immediately aware of any suspicious behaviour.

At the heart of the solution lies NVRs, which store up to 12 terabytes of recorded footage from all cameras.

While user wanted to upgrade to an IP system, it had already invested heavily in CCTV cameras and wanted to retain the cameras that were functioning well. GENEW installed video encoders which convert the existing cameras’ analog signals into digital. These encoders are connected to the NVR, and the system treats them like the other IP cameras.

GENEW installed the IP cameras itself as the cameras are PoE (Power over Ethernet) which means that power and data is supplied over a single Ethernet cable, making installation much easier because they don't have to be located next to a plug socket.

Security Covering all Angles

User is already reaping the benefits from the newly installed GENEW video surveillance system. It provides the ability for GENEW to monitor user’s entire facility and new services stations in real-time remotely from its control center located in CCR.

The deployment of GENEW’s innovative technology into our surveillance solution for user has proven essential for our security operators to detect intrusion, theft, and damage across user’s operations. With crystal clear images day and night as well as advanced features that alert security operators of any suspicious behaviour, we are confident we can help user respond quickly to any breaches.

Watchful IP Eyes for Operational Safety 

GENEW’s video surveillance system also helps user operators to remotely monitor processes across user’s premises, enabling supervisors to enhance processes to improve workflow and ensure the safety of workers.

Looking to the Future

By deploying GENEW’s security solution based on GENEW’s video surveillance system, User’s heightened security has kept its facilities and service stations protected against trespassers, theft, and vandalism, and in particular has minimized losses caused by theft in its service stations.

In addition, GENEW’s security cameras deliver a live and recorded view of the facility which is accessible 24/7 and has helped ensure safety protocols are followed. For example, it has significantly increased employee compliance with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) rules at user’s sites resulting in a direct and immediate improvement in safety.

Easy installation and integration with user’s existing CCTV enabled GENEW to deliver a cost effective, efficient, high-end video surveillance solution.

GENEW is now planning to use GENEW’s cutting-edge video monitoring systems as part of its security and emergency response solutions for its other customers, helping them minimize security threats and maximize operational safety and efficiency.