Cloud IMS Solution

Genew Cloud vIMS is flexible for customer, it can also support deployment of the vIMS in customers existing Cloud platform and integration with customer existing MANO to do end to end orchestration. 

Advantages & Benefits for Carrier

Live migration

Sub-150 ms outage time

Live migration of DPDK-based VMs

World class packet latency

Predictable, deterministic performance with flexible  profiles tuned to match use case

Automatic recovery of failed VMs

Detection of failed controllers, hosts, or VMs 60x faster  than enterprise Linux, with automatic recovery

Carrier class software management

Automated installation and commissioning of cloud software

Hitless patching and upgrades with full support for roll-backs

Orchestrated patching and upgrades

High-performance switching for VM-to-VM traffic

40x performance of kernel-based vSwitching solutions

No compromises from passthrough or SRIOV

Sophisticated VM Scaling and Resource Monitoring

Enhanced usage tracking for key resources (port, CPU, memory,  crypto acceleration, NICs, bandwidth)

Telecom-grade security

Comprehensive AAA security with VM isolation and full QoS

UEFI Secure Boot & Cryptographically Signed Images

Security groups and static ACL filters

Carrier grade, scalable storage

< 10 TB control node, < 100 TB Ceph cluster

Volumes survive VM migrations, VM restarts, node failures, etc.

Full support for SSDs & ultra fast NVMe storage

mSwitch Cloud vIMS Architecture.jpg