RCS Solution

RCS  is a technical standard planned by GSMA and built on IMS network with unified business set definition, which is the general name of multimedia services such as instant messaging, voice and status rendering based on mobile phone directory.GENEW can provide a complete end-to-end solution of THE RCS based on the GSMA specification, including IMS, RCS AS, MaaP, RCS HUB and RCS SDK.RCS can take full advantage of the operator network, upgrade the traditional SMS service, provide multimedia messaging capability and a new information service entry point.Meanwhile, GSMA Ng.114 specification defines RCS as a mandatory function of 5G terminals, and RCS is also the core business of 5G messages.

Currently, RCS business is mainly applicated through constructed the new RCS AS , but RCS AS depended on IMS system completed their service function. For the IMS system of RCS AS, there are mainly two deployment proposal:

- Constructing the new IMS dedicated to RCS AS

- Reuse the current IMS system to RCS AS, but develop and upgrade the current IMS system to meet the RCS AS requirement

Proposal Feature:

IMS and RCS AS were deployed by GR

IMS and RCS realize seamless handover of fault respectively

Support Cloud Deployment

Support 4G/5G Network

RCS AS supports continuous customization extensions

RCS AS and IMS can be deployed separately

RCS IMS New  Deployment.jpg