5G Core Network

The 5GC core network supports two solutions: private cloud platform and lightweight Docker container

(1)Private Cloud Service Platform
The cloud service platform itself occupies more system resources and has strong cloud service management capability, which is suitable for the largecapacity 5GC system.
(2)Docker Container Solution
The platform occupies a small amount of system resources and has weak virtualized service capacity, so it is suitable for lightweight 5GC system.

Lightweight host virtualization solution:Docker
1) VM virtual machine: With a complete operating system, each guest operating system is running as a single entity in the host system. Intel's VT-D and VT-X technologies provide RING-1 hardware isolation technology for virtual machines
to achieve isolation between virtual machines.
2) Docker container: Using Docker engine takes up less space, starts faster, and has better performance. Isolation is worse than VM.
3) Comparison: Ubuntu accounts for 24G of storage in VM, while 82M in Dock II; The virtual machine takes a few minutes to start, while Docker only takes 2 seconds to start. The virtual machine performs 50% less than the container.

Genew 5GC End to End Solution.jpg