5G Fronthaul

Wavelength adaptive city access WDM system, which is applied to the edge access layer of city area network, should have port independent wavelength adaptive characteristics without manual configuration of the wavelength/frequency of the end port. The system is composed of a head-end device (HEE), a transmission link, and one or more tail-end devices (TEE).The HEE comprises a set of transmitters/receivers and an optical multiplexer/demultiplexer (OM/OD).The transmission link includes an OM/OD, an optional OADM or band filter for HEE and OM/OD and an optional OADM for a single fiber bidirectional single fiber.The connection between an OM/OD or OADM and a TEE on a transport link may be single-fiber bidirectional or double-fiber bidirectional.

The feature of optical fiber direct connection solution as below:

- The scheme of optical fiber direct connection is simple, but it takes up a lot of optical fiber resources l

- The optical fiber direct drive scheme is suitable for regions with abundant fiber optic resources. 

- In areas where optical fiber resources are scarce, the equipment bearing scheme can be adopted to overcome the shortage of fiber optic resources