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NetCircle® GX3108-CL2

GX3108-CLx series production are chassis xPON AE (Aggregation and Extension) device from GENEW which supporting multiplexing and demultiplexing between xPON interfaces and OTU2 interfaces through powerful FPGA algorithms and mature OTN (Optical Transmission Network) technology, multiplexing multiple PON ports into one OTU2 interface and extending the optical transmission distance. The plug-and-play feature ensures that telecom operators and ISP deploy on the basis of the existing optical distribution network (ODN) to achieve less fiber investment and more network coverage.


Overview - GX3108-CL2 xPON Aggregation & Extension:

GX3108-CL2 adopts compact design with multiple interface supporting. It provides up to 56 GPON ports, 14 OTU2 (Optical Channel Transport Unit 2) ports and up to 8 channels CWDM ports in 2U chassis. It is compatible with GPON/EPON automatically and cooperate with xPON OLT and ONU equipment which is from different vendors. 

Highlight - GX3108-CL2 xPON Aggregation & Extension:

- Aggregate PON port to OTU2 port

- Extend PON transmission distance to 40KM

- Support P2P mode and chain-mode

- Support GPON / EPON integration, automatic adaptation of relay amplification function

- OEO 3R signal regeneration

- Power redundancy

- OTN trunk fiber redundancy

- Remote diagnostic for PON/OTN transceiver

- System utilization remote monitor 

- Intelligent FAN and power management

- Remote upgrade

Specification - GX3108-CL1 xPON Aggregation & Extension:

Size:                    443mm (W) x 245mm (D) x 89mm (H)

Weight:              7kg

Power:                -48V DC, Dual DC power redundancy 

Instructure :        2U 19 inches, Hot Swappable, Modular 


IP Management:    1 combo (SFP) and 1 cooper interface

Console:                1 RJ45 (RS232) interface

PON (OLT/ONU):   8 ports per GP8x card, SC/UPC

OTU2:                    AE interface, 2 ports per GP8x card

CWDM:                  3/4 pairs per OMD card