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NetCircle® GR3002

GR3002 is a cost effective & versatile optical transmission equipment which magnify and reshape signals during optical transmission process from GENEW. The GPON repeater amplifier can provide 3R (i.e. re-amplification, reshaping and retiming) regeneration to signals during optical transmission, amplify weak input of optical signals, complete regeneration of electrical signals, and make transmission distance of PON become longer and support more extended users. The PON OEO fiber repeater/amplifier device can effectively save OLT quantity and lengthen network transmission distance.


Overview - GR3002 GPONRepeater Amplifier:

GR3002 - 2GPON ports PON OEO Repeater, 2*OLT slots, 2*ONU slots, extend up to 50KM, DC 12, 2A

The OEO fiber repeater equipement have been widely applied for long-distance transmission in various optical communication applications.

Its advantages include in small size of optical signals, being economical and safe, and simple installation etc.Therefore, it can be applied in various optical transmission fields.

Highlight - GR3002 GPONRepeater Amplifier:

The GPON repeater support four SFP slots(two OLT slots and two ONU slots)

- In accord with ITU-T G984.x & ITU-T G.988 and Chinese communication industrial standard (YD/T 1475-2006);

- Extend GPON system transmission distance more than 50km;

- Uplink: supports combination of different types of PON OLT interfaces and different physical connectors;

- Downlink: supports different types of PON ONU interfaces (shunt or ONU interface).

- Uplink: supporting receipt and transmission of 2.488G/s or1.25G/scontinuous signals.

- Downlink: supporting receipt and transmission of 1.25G/sburst-mode signals.

- Supporting60km/1:64 ODN network expansion

- OLT--->OEO BOX trunk supports 40km transmission;

- OEO BOX--->ONU supports 20km/1:64 ODN power budget

- Be compatible with GPON system;

- Be compatible with GPON OLT and ONU equipment manufactured by different vendors;

- 1U desktop equipment, small space occupation and low power consumption;

- Supporting GPON OEO relay function

- Supporting 1550nm and 1620nm dual wavelength storage with externally connected passive equipment