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NuBiz™ GLO3500 Outdoor

Genew wireless CPE covers CAT4, CAT6, CAT12, and 5G, indoor and outdoor terminals. It enables wide service coverage and provides high data throughput and networking features to customers who needs easy broadband access, hot-spot Wi-Fi connectivity. The RF bands can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.


Overview - GLO3500 5G Outdoor CPE:

GLO3500 is a highly Advanced 5G outdoor multi-service product solution specifically designed to meet integrated data, voice and Wi-Fi access needs for residential, business and enterprise users. The product supports advanced Gigabit networking. It enables wide service coverage and provides high data throughput and networking features to customers who needs easy broadband access.

The GLO3500 CPE provides the standard implementation of 5G NR 3GPP release 15 specifications. With the built-in high gain ODU antennas, it enables a longer reception range from gNodeB base station. This help yields more efficient use of network with a larger cell reach, carrier class service, and more customer service probability.

Features - GLO3500 5G Outdoor CPE:

- Cost effective & compact design with built-in high gain 5G antenna

- Full compliance to 3GPP Release15 5G NR specifications

- Advanced MIMO support with LTE&5G

- LTE DL up to 5CA, 5G NR support 2CA

- Support 4x4 MIMO

- Support DL 256QAM

- Support UL 64QAM

- Giga PoE support

- Router, bridge and NAT mode, IPv4&v6 and Multiple PDN support

- Built-in VPN and L2/L3 GRE client support

- FTP, HTTP and TR-069 management support

- Support 802.11b/g/n/ac/ax 2*2 MIMO2.4GHz&5GHz ( Need support with router)

- Support VoIP or VoLTE

Specification - GLO3500 5G Outdoor CPE:

Chipset: Qualcomm/SDX55 

Frequency Bands:   

5G mmWave n257,n258,n260,n261

5G Sub6 n41,n77,n78,n79

4G LTE TDD\FDD,600MHz-3.8GHz,Cat22

Dimension: 280*200*60mm

Weight: < 3Kg  

Protocol Version: 3GPP Rel 15 5G NR

5G Net support: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3x(EN-DC)


5G mmWave:2x2 MIMO

LTE:4x4 MIMO on 5CA(LTE only)  

WIFI: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax, up to 100users (with Router)

Power Supply: 48V, 2A

Physical Interface: 

1*RJ45 10Gigabit(10GBASE-T/1000BASE-T)  POE

1*USIM/SIM Card Slot


Features: VPN Support, L2TP & IPSec, Firewall, TR069/SNMP  

MP: Dec.2020

Family - Genew Wireless CPE Terminal:

  Model  Description

  NuBiz™ GLI304 

  CAT4; Rel.9; Indoor; 

  NuBiz™ GLO304  

  CAT4; Rel.9; Outdoor; 

  NuBiz™ GLI306  CAT6; 2CCC CA; Rel.10; Indoor; VoLTE (Optional) 

  NuBiz™ GLO306 

  CAT6; 2CCC CA; Rel.10; Outdoor; VoLTE (Optional) 

  NuBiz™ GLI312 

  CAT12; 2CCC CA; Rel.12; Indoor; VoLTE; 4*4 MIMO

  NuBiz™ GLO312  

  CAT12; 2CCC CA; Rel.12; Outdoor; VoLTE; 4*4 MIMO  

  NuBiz™ GLI3500  

  5G+LTE; CAT22; Sub6G; Indoor; VoLTE; 4*4 MIMO

  NuBiz™ GLO3500  

  5G+LTE; CAT22; Sub6G; Outdoor; VoLTE; 4*4 MIMO