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NetCircle® GR3001

GR3001 is a cost effective & versatile optical transmission equipment which magnify and reshape signals during optical transmission process from GENEW. EPON/GPON automatic compatible repeater is my company independent research and development for EPON/GPON optical broadband access system, the optical signal is amplified again optical communication equipment. It can effectively save the OLT quantities, extend the communication distance, and can greatly expand the light branch number, save fiber dosage.


Overview - GX3108-CL1 xPON Aggregation & Extension:

GR3001 - 1 GPON/GEPON ports PON OEO Repeater, 1*OLT slots, 1*ONU slots, extend up to 40KM, AC 220V/DC 12V,1A, include 1 GPON OLT and 1 GPON ONT transceiver 

Genew's PON OEO repeater   is widely used in light of EPON/GPON long-distance transmission. Its advantage is small, low cost, security, easy to install, and implements the EPON and GPON automatically adjust.

Effectively save OLT quantity and lengthen network transmission distance. 

The OEO fiber repeater equipment have been widely applied for long-distance transmission in various optical communication applications.

Its advantages include in small size of optical signals, being economical and safe, and simple installation etc. Therefore, it can be applied in various optical transmission fields.

Highlight - GX3108-CL1 xPON Aggregation & Extension:

- Compliant with IEEE802.3ah and YD/T 1475-2006;

- Extend PON transmission distance to 40KM ~ 80KM or more;

- Support GPON / EPON integration, automatic adaptation of relay amplification function;

- 3R signal regeneration;

- Supporting 1550nm and 1620nm dual wavelength storage with externally connected passive equipment 

- Excellent heat dissipation design and temperature adaptability for harsh environment;

- Miniaturized design, convenient installation;

Specification - GX3108-CL1 xPON Aggregation & Extension:

Size:                  253mm (W) x 134mm (D) x 41mm (H)

Weight:             1.1kg

Power:               12V DC, –48V DC / 220V AC (Optional)

Instructure :       Desktop Box


Ethernet:              Out-band Management port, 10/100Mbps, RJ45

To ONU:              The PON interface connected to ONU side

To OLT:                The PON interface connected to OLT side


UP:                       Indicate the signal from ONU side

DOWN:                Indicate the signal from OLT side 

PWR:                    Indicate the power status


RESET:                 The button for reset

DEFAULT:            The button for factory default setting

POWER:               The button for power on/off