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GS535 Series Switch

Genew GS535 Series is a new generation full- 10GE TOR switches oriented for high-performance computing, data center and high-end campuses. GS535 Series adopts the advanced hardware architecture design.


Genew GS535 Series is a new generation full-  10GE TOR switches oriented for high-performance  computing, data center and high-end campuses.  GS535 Series adopts the advanced hardware  architecture design.

GS535 Series (1U height) supports up to 2.56Tbps  switching capacity and 48*10GE ports + 2*40GE  ports + 4*100G ports or 72*10GE ports.

GS535 Series supports VSS, TRILL, SDN and FCoE/FC. By cooperating with S9500 Series, GS535 Series can converge data of 15000+ 10GE servers.

Developed on the platform Genew with its own independent  intellectual property rights, GS535 Series provides  high-performance L2/L3/L4 wire speed switching  capacity by integrating services such as IPv6, MPLS  VPN, network security, flow analysis, virtualization, with high reliable techniques including continuous forwarding, graceful restarting and loop network  protection, the work efficiency of GS535 Series and  its maximum running time are guaranteed.

Carrier-Level Aggregation Layer-3 Ethernet Switch  Innovative VSS (Genew Virtual Switch System):

virtualize multiple physical devices into one. The  performance, reliability and management of the virtual  system are superior to the physical ones;

Improved Performance: VSS makes full use of each  link in the physical devices, which avoids STP blocking  the link and protects the original link to the maximum  extent;

High Reliability: Based on the advanced distribution  mechanism and efficient cross-physical link aggregation link function, the logic control plane,  service control plane and service data plane are  separated. Thus, the device can support continuous  layer3 routing forwarding, avoiding service interruption  as a result of a single point of failure.

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