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GS235 Series Switch

GS235 L3-lite Series is a next-generation aggregation 10GE switch introduced by Genew. It is targeted at the IP MAN (metropolitan area network), government and enterprise networks, Internet café and disk- less working environment.


GS235  L3-lite  Series  is  a  next-generation aggregation  10GE  switch  introduced by  Genew.  It  is  targeted  at  the  IP  MAN (metropolitan area network), government and enterprise networks, Internet café and disk- less working environment. It is developed on the basis of high performance hardware and ROS  -  a  software  platform  with  Genew own independent intellectual property rights. It supports functions such as powerful ACL, flexible QinQ, 1:1 or N:1 VLAN switching, Ethernet OAM,  carrier-level  QoS  and  industry-level 10GE Ether-ring, ensuring this switch series meets application requirements in all kinds of complicated sites. It also supports layer-3 routing protocol.
Genew GS235 L3-lite Series has 3 models: GS235-24T4X, GS235-24S8T4X and GS235-48T6X.

Innovative Virtual Cluster Switching Technique
Innovative VSS (Virtual  Switch  System):GS235  L3-lite  Series  virtualizes  multiple physical devices into one. The performance, reliability and management of the virtual system are superior to the physical ones.

Improved  Performance: VSS  makes  full  use  of each link in the physical devices, which avoids STP blocking the link and protects the original link to the maximum extent.

High Reliability:Based on the advanced distribution mechanism  and  efficient  cross-physical  link aggregation  link  function,  the  logic  control  plane, service  control  plane  and  service  data  plane  are separated. Thus, GS235 L3-lite Series can support continuous  layer-3  routing  forwarding,  avoiding service interruption as a result of a single point of failure.

Easy  Management : VSS  realizes  single  IP management,  greatly  improving  the  networking efficiency and lowering the operating cost.

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