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NetCircle® GTN6600-02

As the demands level of global communications networks higher, accordingly the new standards come out for matching with those higher challenges.ITU-T G.709 “ Interface for the optical transport network (OTN)” is one of the latest recommendations. It has been developed to meet two requirements: to cater for the transmission needs of today's wide range of digital services, and to assist network evolution to higher bandwidths and improved network performance. Furthermore, it takes another step towards the all- optical network.


Overview - GTN6600-02 Chassis OTN:

GTN6600-02 is a 10G/100G OTN transport system, it is mainly used in metropolitan area for convergence and access, as well as data center interconnected transmissions. It supports electronic cross between cards, multi service particle scheduling and 10G/100G transmission, with rich management and protection functions.

GTN6600-02 has 2 slots for service board (service board supports 1+1 backup for cross board protection and control), 4 slots for WDM/EDFA board, 2 slots for power supply (dual-DC, dual-AC, or AC plus DC for optional), which improves the reliability and stability of system.

GTN6600-02 is developed based on GENEW-Telecom’s software platform GNOS. GNOS system has high reliability and stability, and supports SNMP-based NMS. It has a good user interface and easy to operate.

Specification - GTN6600-02 Chassis OTN:

- 2U chassis

- Supports System control , Power 1+1 redundancy  

- Supports 10G/40G/100G/200G (line interface)  

- Supports 10G, 2.5G below 2.5G any client rate  

- Supports ROADM

- Support ODU and OXC Cross Connection  

- Supports ODUFlex and FlexE

- Supports OBA , OPA  

- Supports CWDM and DWDM

- Supports abundant Network Protection

Family - Genew OTN:

  Model  Description
  NetCircle®  GTN6600-10   10U, 16 OTN Card Slot, 6/12 Long/Short WDM Card Slot  
  NetCircle®  GTN6600-05   5U, 7 OTN Card Slot, 7/15 Long/Short WDM Card Slot  
  NetCircle®  GTN6600-02   2U, 2 Traffic Slot, 4 WDM Card Slot  

  NetCircle®  GTN6600-01 


  1U, 2 Traffic Slot, 100G DWDM